i got banned lol

2008-09-02 21:11:23 by jordan777

ERROR - You have been temporarily banned from posting to the BBS for 3 days. You have 2 days, 7 hours, 4 minutes and 47 seconds left until your ban is lifted. Do not attempt to create a secondary account to get around this ban. If we find evidence of you doing so all of your accounts will be terminated.

Reason for ban: OMG THIS IS A GAY POST!!!!!!1 - Sanjay

Please read the BBS rules.


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2008-09-02 23:33:55

BBS rules? Pssh who needs to read those! Just make sure you don't do anything bad and you should me good, you know just Roll with it... that's how I went around and only got banned from bungie.net forums for one week... *BANNED*

jordan777 responds:

wow, thanks for a decent post


2011-06-15 23:39:54

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